Feta cheese cream and sun-dried tomato

Avocado, burrata and cherry tomatoes

Beetroot hummus, radish and poached eggs

Avocado, smoked Salmon and scrambled eggs

Roasted chicken, bacon, Cheshire
Cheddar, roast tomatoes and fresh salad


Brioche with goat cheese, fresh mint
and strawberries

Acai balls with fresh fruits

Chia putting with coconut and raspberries

Muesli tart with yogurt and fresh fruits

Granola bars with yogurt mousse


Eggs Benedict

Eggs royal

Eggs Florentine

Waffle with bacon and maple syrup

Shakshuka in a baguette

French toast

Pancakes with pistachio and fruits

Pancakes with chocolate and strawberries

Pancakes with maple syrup

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